EMR/EHR & Practice Management Software

Inception offers a unique and simple EMR.

There are general notes for staff to write “contact” comments for each patient.

There are notes for providers.

There are tabs for the providers that can be personalized, from Subjective to Labs, to Consultations, to procedures to whatever the provider desires.

There are shortcut keys that can be touched that would add in saved text such as:

“The patient presented with back pain. The patient had a VAS of __/10. The patient said there was interval improvement and desired more chiropractic manipulative therapy.”

Or there can be a tab describing the surgical procedure performed on a patient:

“After informed consent was obtained….the patient was brought to the Operating Room and placed in the prone position, mac anesthesia was commenced in the usual technique…”


Outside reports or dictations can be scanned and uploaded into Inception on your storage medium.

This EHR system is so easy to learn that no training is necessary.