Medical Billing

Electronic Medical Billing

Improved cash flow and immediate access to valuable financial information are just a couple of the multitude of advantages you will enjoy with the Inception Medical Billing Software. It is an invaluable tool for helping maintain a healthy revenue stream!

Charge entry is fast and accurate whether being fed automatically from theElectronic Medical Records System through electronic encounter tracking or posted from paper encounters. Insurance Payments can be auto-posted with the electronic remittance feature or manually posted.

Patient statements can be produced electronically or on paper and are very easy for patients to understand. The system can tell you the status of your receivables both by insurance carrier and responsible party. Print or view on screen any of the various aging reports by detail or summary. We also have an entire suite of Practice Analysis reports to help track the productivity of the practice by diagnosis, procedure, carrier, clinician, and referral source just to name a few.