A complete solution to your practice management needs.

The system handles appointment scheduling, patient management (including financial setups for coverage limits), visit entry, insurance billing, patient statements and electronic billing. Statistics, reporting, letter writing, touch screen entry, charts, graphs and much more

Features, Benefits, & Solutions


Practice Management
Manage your Medical Practice, master Scheduling, Medical Billing, & much more. Inception makes Medical Practice Management easier.
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Windows & Mac
Our software works seamlessly on both Windows PCs & MACs.

Inception works on iPad (iOS) & Android Tablets giving your staff the ability to enter information on the go.

Cloud Enabled
Inception’s cloud capabilities give you the ability to completely manage your practice & sync data from anywhere.


Complete Practice Managment

Our bundled practice management solution saves your practice time & money. Our Solution includes Electronic Health Records (EHR)/Electronic Medical Records(EMR), Appointment Scheduling, Patient Management, Visit Entry, Insurance Billing, Patient Statements, Electronic Billing, & Reporting.

Medical Practices using Inception Medical Billing Software beenfit from improved cash flow and immediate access to valuable financial information, smooth practice management, & improved patient scheduling.

From the moment the patient requests the appointment, the Inception system allows full electronic documentation to begin. Checking the eligibility or account balance prior to the visit avoids delays at check-in.
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Electronic Health Records

Our Electronic Health Records System will keep all vital patient information in the same place every time. Instant access to the patient’s previous encounter notes, medication and immunization history, scanned images and test tracking history.
When you create a new encounter note, customizable macros and templates that incorporate key phrases and conditionals will reduce keystrokes and input errors. E&M coding guidelines suggest the proper level of visit based on documentation during the patient encounter..
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Medical Billing

Improved cash flow and immediate access to valuable financial information are just a couple of the multitude of advantages you will enjoy with the Inception Medical Billing Software. It is an invaluable tool for helping maintain a healthy revenue stream!
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Medical Scheduling

A scheduling system is any old scheduling system – until you’ve used one that puts powerful advanced scheduling features logically into your workflow. With the Inception’s medical scheduling software system, major time savers like recurring appointments, overbooking, wait list, and tracking cancellations, as well as managing no-shows are handled with a few simple clicks – just like you’d expect.
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